Clingy Partner

As we welcome you into the world of clingy partner, we would like to congratulate and wish you goodluck. For one, having a girlfriend is one the majestic times on a man’s life. Second, we wish you good luck in having to deal with a clingy, not at all creepy (okay,so maybe at times) girlfriend.

Lets define what a clingy girlfriend really is: she wants to be with you at every waking second. In other words, she is someone that won’t let you do things on your own. Imagine your mom when you were little and wanted to push the grocery cart. Yep, she’s that only she your other half now.

You are the one to blame for this

Remember when you first going out? You’ve always wanted to be with her. Well that my friend, has a repercussion of clingy-Personthe girl being clingy afterwards. Maybe so, because when you where first going out, you didn’t want to lose this girl. It’s very common for most guys since they are on the prowl of looking for relationships that will last long.

At this point, where she is now the clingy one, she does it because she thinks that you like it. The togetherness and clinginess go hand-in-hand. And when you do address her clinginess, she might get upset or think that you may want someone else beside her.

Reassure her by telling her how much you love her but you also need some space. Reassure her as well, that it doesn’t mean anything. As a guy, you’ll need some time for yourself. Also, tell her that by giving each other their free time, you’ll learn to miss each other more.