Are you into emotionally unavailable human?

i-think-im-emotionally-constipatedIf your answer is yes, then there’s this website that would feel as though it was dedicated to your existential problem.

A couple months back, I came across an article discussing how values are important, and that dating and relationships should be taken together with those proper values. As I scrolled from one entry to the next, I found myself indulging in their collection of practical and useful advice.

The blog’s title was Baggage Reclaim. Written by Natalie Lue, the blog caters to both men and women looking for help on how to make better decisions in their personal lives and relationships.

In the collection of their entries, Reclaim Baggage takes its readers on a journey of how one leads an unhealthy relationship. But, they do offer ways and strategies on how to get out of bad ones. What the site offer is not the typical sarcastic, witty, or even hatred filled articles about relationships. Natalie writes honest observations of difficulties faced in a relationship. It truly is a wonderful site that can help you or anyone in making better decisions in terms of dating.

Mr. Unavailable & The Fallback Girl

Written by the same Natalie Lue, this 5 star review book on Amazon is already hoarding an occult following.

Check it out, and similar to her blog, it would surely empower each and everyone in their relationships.