Making Your Lover Appreciate You

images (3)With all the monotonous activities that a man does in his everyday life, especially with his partner, there are times when he wishes to feel appreciated. However, at times, men feel unappreciated in their efforts of making their girl swoon off their feet. Men hunger affection and appreciation from woman, too.

So, how do we fix this? Below are practical tips on how we can make women display their affection and love towards us.

Don’t be a yes man

Women like confident men who are independent. They don’t want those who are at their disposal. You should set boundaries for yourself. Are you willing to push aside everything in order to follow her whim? Or do you step up and be a man to do things according to your own bidding?

It’s a misconception to think that by following every call of our girls, they will long for us more. It is, in fact, the opposite. Sometimes they like a man who is firm and confident acting on his own.

Be nice, but to an extent

It’s a tried and tested fact that women love nice guys. Genuinely nice guys are those who treat women with dignity and respect. Being appreciated is as easy as being nice to women. Simple acts of chivalry; opening doors, giving up your seat, etc., women fall for guys that do that.

Just keep in mind that nice and needy are two distinct attitudes that should never mix. Though women prefer guys who would hold their hands and give them compliments, they wouldn’t want a guy who constantly needs attention and care.

Be a completely genuine guy

Don’t be pretentious. The last thing a woman would like to find out is that you are living a double life. Even if you have met a girl on an online dating website in the UK with your profile saying things that you are not, you should tell that girl what you exactly are and be honest. Not only will you be disregarded, your girl may even end up leaving you. Be true to yourself and how you express yourself to others. No matter what bad quality you possess, it is your own and you should try to make things work.

Again, in order to be appreciated, you must learn to also appreciate yourself. Find time to learn what your inner self wants. Women, in all honesty, doesn’t like a man who go by many faces. Even if you consider yourself weak or vulnerable, opening that façade to a woman will mean you are not trying to be an overly machismo man.

Make her laugh

This goes without saying that women love funny guys. Whether it’s a goofy gesture or a simple joke, women appreciates guys who know how to tickle their funny bone.

When hanging out with a girl, you’d want to make a memorable impression. Making her laugh is one of the best things you can do that. You may also reap the benefit later on when she remembers what a good time you had when she was with you.